Instant messaging that is purely simple and fast, secure, and fully available across all of your devices. One of the Top 10 downloaded applications with more than 500 million registered users.
Fast: Telegram is the fastest messaging application on the market and connects users via an exclusive, global system of data centers all over the world.

SYNCED: You are able to access your messages on all your mobiles, tablets, and laptops at the same time. Telegram apps work as standalone apps and don’t require keeping your phone in sync. Never lose your data again.

UNLIMITED The ability to send files and media with no limitations in terms of their size or type. The entire history of your chat does not require any disk area on the device and will be stored securely within Telegram’s cloud. Telegram cloud for the duration you require it.

SECURE: We have made it our goal to offer the most secure security while maintaining user-friendliness. All content on Telegram including chat media, groups, and so on. is secured by an encryption algorithm that combines 256-bit symmetric AES encryption and 2048 bits of RSA encryption as well as Diffie Hellman Secure Key Exchange.

Free and Open: Telegram has a fully described and free API for developers. It also has open-source applications and verified builds to show that the application you download was constructed from the exact source code as the one published.

Powerful: You can set up groups of more than 200,000 participants and share videos of large size, documents of all kinds (.DOCX, MP3, .ZIP, etc.) with up to 2 GB of storage and even set up bots to perform specific tasks. Telegram is the ideal tool to host online communities and coordinate collaboration.

Reliable: Designed to send your messages with the least amount of data possible, Telegram is the most reliable and secure messaging system that has ever been created.

The FUN Telegram offers powerful tools for editing videos and photos. animated stickers and emojis with fully customizable themes to alter the look of your app and an open GIF/Sticker platform that can meet your creative needs.

SIMPLE: While we offer an unbeatable array of options, we also take great care to keep our interface clear. Telegram is so simple that you already are familiar with its use.

Private: We value your privacy seriously. We will never allow third-party access to your information. You are able to delete every message you’ve ever received or sent for both parties at any point and without leaving any trace. Telegram will not ever make use of your information to show you advertisements.

If you are looking for maximum security, Telegram offers Secret Chats. The secret Chat messages are set to auto-delete instantly from both devices. This allows you to send any type of disappearing content – messages, images videos, messages, and even files. Secret Chats utilize End-to-End Encryption in order to guarantee that messages is only seen by the intended recipient.

We continue to expand the limits on what can you accomplish through a messaging application. Don’t sit around waiting for decades for older messengers to keep up to Telegram Join the revolution now.

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