Private Proxy:Network Booster

Private Proxy is a lightning-fast application that offers the service for free. It doesn’t require any configuration Just press a button and you’ll be able to connect to the Internet safely and securely.

A private Proxy secures your Internet connection so that no one else can track your online activities. This makes it more secure than a standard proxy. This can improve your Internet’s security and safety more secure, particularly when you use public Wi-Fi.

Here are the reasons thousands of millions of users have signed up for Private Proxy.
You don’t need to register You don’t have to register!
Just one step to access this top server, and you will be able to enjoy the fast and secure Internet environment.

The most advanced encryption technology
The Proxy utilizes the most advanced encryption at the bank level to ensure that all types of user information are completely secret, and is not susceptible to hacker attacks, etc.

Fast servers across the globe
With more than 1000 stable servers across the globe, simply switch to the most reliable servers in different regions with just one click.

Smooth dedicated server
Completely speed up PUBG and other games on mobile,
Improve speed of website access and fully support the most popular video platforms, such as Netflix, HULU, Disney+, HBO, Line, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Youtube, etc.

Zero log
Do not keep any usage data Never record any of your usage records! So, you can surf any website you’d like without fearing your personal information being exposed.

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