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A+ Gallery is loved by 9 million people, A+ Gallery is the most popular photo gallery application for your Android phone. It is not necessary to sacrifice anything since A+ Gallery is BETTER than another app in every aspect. 

 Fast, quick, and fast 

 A+ Gallery is the fastest application for viewing HD images, searching photos, and managing albums. 


 A stunning and easy user interface 

 Incorporating the stunning look of design materials with the ease of iPhone design The app was created to be an absolute pleasure to view and use. Get the best of the two worlds within one application. 

 Create your own gallery using an array of stunning themes. 


 Automatically organize and organize your images 

 Your videos and photos are automatically organized according to the time and where you shoot the photos and videos. 

 View your videos and photos in the location you took them from Map view. 


 Manage and create photo albums 

 You can organize your photos and videos by making albums, putting them in your top albums, and removing albums that aren’t needed. 

 The perfect support for more than one SD card. Create albums on one of these externe SD cards. 


 Search images or videos using date, location, or even color 

 Your photos can now be searched according to the time and place you took them and by the color of your photo. 

 Finding images within A+ Gallery works without internet access, and is extremely speedy. 


 Hide your private photos in a password-locked secure vault 

 Guard your privacy. Take photos and videos that you wish to keep private to the secure vault. The photos and videos that are hidden will not be displayed in the system gallery or the other apps. Only you can view the pictures after entering the password. 


 If you get photos from Facebook/Dropbox/Amazon Cloud Drive, you can view and manage all those photos from A+ Gallery.


 Backup photos and synchronization 

 Whatever you need to do, whether you wish to save images to Dropbox or download an album from Facebook onto your smartphone, or even an album of photos and a Dropbox album to be synced, A+ Gallery helps you create that album with just only a few clicks.

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